This blog began as the story of the new life of a mare rescued from the PMU industry and the foal she was carrying when she arrived at her new home. Natty, the mare, arrived on March 15th, 2008. She turned 8 years old in May 2008. She was delivered to a stock yard, and while she was wearing a halter, she really had no training to speak of and I could not even touch her that day, so we started at the very beginning with training and just building a relationship with a human. Her foal, named Fighting Chance, was born May 4, 2008. I tried to fill this page with pictures and videos of happy horses enjoying a good life, and I included details of everything we learned and experienced. Natty and Chance have been life-changing wonderful additions to my world, and their influence brought 3 more PMU mares into our home. First there was Niki, who came to us in November of 2009. Niki originally came from the same ranch Natty did, and they clearly remembered each other even after several years apart. In October 2010, Maggie and Annie came to live with us as well, both carrying their last foals. Maggie’s Lightning Bug was born May 5th, 2011, and Annie’s Bonny was born May 17th, 2011. Each horse is unique, and they are all wonderfully special. Watching the babies experience everything for the first time is great, but watching the mares figure out that humans aren’t so scary is so much more amazing.

The links include web pages for fellow rescued horses as well as some of the rescue groups that help place these horses into homes. Enjoy the page, and return frequently!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Xav Says:

    Hey! I was just wondering when the foal of Maggie I think her name is was born..I have been watching forever and I think I missed it! Hahaah but thanks for all your loving care in the horse world 🙂

  2. Rebecca Says:

    wow a lovely girl just sawing life. its my birthday today and i keep her calling Rebecca maybe a idea?

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