Spring is finally here!

The horses are shedding like crazy, the grass is growing, the sun is out, life is good! Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Sun is hot! We enjoy the shade since we’re still shedding out.

“Hey Mom, everybody else is getting scratches in the shade! You’re on your own!”

My beautiful Niki. She’s done shedding on her neck, but she still has some fuzzy white hair on her face.

The ever-handsome Chance, less wooly but not yet his summer red self.

Sweet old Maggie has a lot of hair left to come off.

I was scratching away trying to get some of her extra hair off when Niki and Bonny saw an opportunity to get some scratches of their own!

Oh so sweet

And here’s the rascal Lightning Bug, my fence wrecker. This picture was taken at a bad angle – he’s nowhere near that chunky.

Love shedding roans – Lightning bug has these funny white patches around his ears and Maggie has dark raccoon eyes.

Here’s Miss Bonny



The whole herd – it’s getting harder to squeeze them all in one picture.

My small sidekicks


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