Long Overdue Updates


Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated the blog. Things have been busy around here. This time of year, the horses spend most of their time in the barn, so I spend most of my time cleaning the barn 😉 Among the biggest changes in the last couple of months, the Quarter Horses are gone and Maggie is home from her baby-weaning vacation. We’ve had some snow, the first the weanlings had ever seen, and yesterday we had beautiful warm sun that makes me think spring might come soon. Some of the horses are starting to shed out their winter woolies, and I’m eager to see what the youngsters look like this year (not that I think it will stick – Chance’s yearling year he had the odd blond shoulder all summer, and that’s long gone now). Speaking of Chance, he had a growth spurt again, and he’s now at least 17 hands if not a little taller. He’s amazing. All the mares are doing just fine. We’re all just waiting out winter and looking forward to spring!

Here are some pictures since last blog (oldest at the top)

Christmas Day my mom came over, and I put her to work grooming horses. I am trying to get her out again now that everybody’s shedding – hopefully she’ll be here later this morning.

As we all know, a freshly groomed horse immediately rolls in the messiest spot he can find. Here in the Pacific Northwest in the winter, that is often a mud puddle.

This was the first time the foals were nose-to-nose with Annie since being separated for weaning, and she’s clearly already done with them!

Why do horses always get up when I just want to take a picture while they’re resting so peacefully???

Here are some pictures of Maggie while she was on her vacation.

Maggie has the right idea about the arena – it’s for exercise! Niki and Annie are a little confused…

Auntie Niki is such a comfort to the youngsters.

Babies’ first snow:

I spend several hours per day cleaning stalls this time of year, and the youngsters are always curious!

The rest of the pictures were taken yesterday – an absolutely gorgeous day! I just sat in the pasture and enjoyed the view for awhile – heaven!

It’ s so hard to get decent pictures of pocket ponies!

View from the pasture


Natty and Chance – when did he get so big???

Maggie is back with the herd now, but her boy is still attached to Niki


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