November Updates

As some of you know, I had an accident with the herd just before Thanksgiving. I was in the pasture, they spooked, and the herd wheeled around and ran over me. Note to self:  the underside of 7 draft horses is never a good place to be! I’m on the mend now, but I am grounded for the time being, so all I can really do is wander around and take pictures over the fences.

Before the accident, I did have a couple of great field trips, though. For my birthday, we went to the beach again! I brought Chance this time, and Lauren brought all 3 of her horses – she rode her oldest and ponied her youngest, and my mom came along and rode the nice quiet one. The weather was more typical to the Oregon coast, meaning gale force winds and COLD!!!! but luckily it did not rain until we were unsaddling the horses at the end of a nice long ride. I was very interested in the different reactions of Natty and Chance – Natty, ever the caretaker, stubbornly wanted to go back in the dunes but was otherwise perfect. Chance actually spooked and tried to run for his life at the worst possible moment – all turned out ok, but I barely stayed on and he almost trampled an innocent family on the ground. He is a big goober and was totally fine after that, doesn’t it figure!

My other field trip didn’t involve my own horses but was amazing nonetheless – Cavalia came to town. It was really amazing, so fun to watch, and soon I need to put my herd to work learning some of those acts.

Here on the homefront, the foals are in their way to being weanlings. Maggie is vacationing with friends for a month and really thriving, and Annie is still home but separated from Miss Bonny. The whole situation has been hardest on Bonny, poor baby.

Here are pictures since the last blog post.

Mom and Whiley

Riding on the beach with my mom 🙂

Back on the bay side, we were sheltered from the wind.

Back at home, the happy herd still has fallen apples to pick up, yum!

Uncle Chance teaches baby Bonny to pick apples from the tree

Moms and babies. These are some of the last pictures I have before weaning.

These are from yesterday – I walked around taking pictures of all the animals because the sun was out.

Dominique rooster

The weanlings

Nice job keeping the fenceline clear!

Some of the younger chickens exploring – I love those little golden birdies in the green grass

Here’s a mama hen with the chicks she hatched herself Thanksgiving Day. They are followed closely by my turkey hen who desperately wants babies and tries to steal them from the chickens.

Now there’s a relaxed horse!

The big horses’ pen is so muddy and slippery that I am trying to get them a little arena time each afternoon to cut loose on good footing. Of course, they usually do their laps on the mud outside the arena, but I try. Today a freezing fog rolled in, and it made for some neat pictures.

Chance steals the whip – this layup is not going to do him any good – boy needs a job!

Natty – beautiful even with mud on her face (I like to think we have that in common)



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