What’s new around here?

Wow, it’s been awhile since I updated the blog.  We’ve been keeping busy with exciting adventures again. Since last update, Chance and I went to cow practice. Chance threw a little baby meltdown during warmup, so I had to get off and walk him for awhile, but he calmed down pretty well and I was able to get back on. We just stood and watched the other horses chase the cows for the most part, but he did just fine. We did follow one cow at a good distance, and he was fine with that, too. He wasn’t bothered by the cows at all, and after the beginning, he wasn’t bothered by the other spazzy horses acting up either. After everyone was done and the cows were put away, we checked out the roping chutes and stuff at close distance. Here are the pictures – mostly the action from between Chance’s ears 🙂

After the cows, we had a few quiet days at home with the rapidly growing foals. Miss Bonny had a bad laceration on her cheek, so she had about 20 sutures for awhile. She had complications and the wound abscessed several weeks later, but I think she’s on the mend now.  The laceration is right under where the noseband of her halter would sit, so we have had to do all treatments with little missy loose, and she has been a rockstar patient! She’s a really smart, sweet little filly. Anyway, that’s why you’ll see swelling in her cheek.

The chickens are really good at keeping down the flies.

I do believe I have the most beautiful, sweetest horse in the world, and I feel so lucky every time I look at him 🙂

He’s the smartest rascal in the barn, too!

Here’s another trail ride:

Here are some detail shots of the foals. Lightning still has a little bit of a dorsal stripe, and Bonny has the cutest little white curls above her hooves.

Here are some shots of the horses hard at work mowing and picking up apples.

We’re ready to come out and play now!

And last but not least, we have some new additions to the farm! Six little chicks hatched Monday.


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