Mom’s Riding Lesson!


Mom came out to ride today! I made her do almost all of the work herself, including going out to the field to catch her own horse and grooming him. I did saddle him for her since Chance is tall and Mom is small 🙂  I thought she’d have a hard time throwing that great big western saddle up on top of Chance’s back.

Finally they were off and running (well ok, walking)! Note Mom’s snazzy new helmet – safety first!

Chance is only a youngster and Mom hasn’t ridden much, so we just worked on steering and stopping mostly today. I think they had fun, though.

Chance was such a good boy for Mom. Other than me, he’s only had one other rider, and just for a few minutes, so this was almost a test to see how he’d listen. He did test a bit, but he was pretty darn good!

He clearly wasn’t too stressed about the new rider. Also, you can see where he’s getting a new big boy tooth in this picture

Big smile from Mom and a very relaxed horse – that’s what I like to see!

Well on our way to happy trails 🙂


One Response to “Mom’s Riding Lesson!”

  1. Mike Says:

    They way you talk about your horses, especially Chance, I feel like I know them personally.

    Love this blog

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