We love summer!

Dry weather for trail riding, grass and apples to eat, long days in the pasture – what’s not to love? We’re keeping busy as usual, and here are some updates.

The herd loves being able to spend their days in the pasture:

Where are the foals, you ask? In the goat shed, naturally! The horses have pretty much destroyed the shed, and I need to rebuild 2 walls from the framing out. Ugh.

So if the horses are in the shed, where are the goats? Stuck outside. I lost my sweet brown baby goat to coyotes, and I’m just heartbroken. The remaining goat, little Caroline, is lost without her sister. She sticks close to me when I’m home and hangs with the horses when I’m not. Poor baby goatie!

Not horse-related, but still cute – we had a barbeque, and one of the guests brought a 9-week-old puppy. Billy loved him! They had such a good time playing!

If you look closely at this action shot, you’ll see Billy has the puppy in a bear hug as they’re both rolling over

Chance and I went on our second trail ride this week, and he was awesome as usual. He did spook once at the remains of a campfire in the middle of the trail, but I think one spook is pretty acceptable in an inexperienced 3-year-old.

Here we are leading the way – ride a draft, they make your butt look smaller 😉

Here we are circling the horse-eating monster that almost got us. We went by it a couple of times in each direction so he’d realize it wasn’t something to be afraid of.

Isn’t he beautiful? Sometimes I really see the Morgan in him

Here’s one with Billy dog in it, too

I never get tired of looking at this boy – he is so beautiful!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned lately – I absolutely love this horse! I couldn’t possibly be any happier with him 🙂

And now, updates on the little ragamuffins! They are shedding out like crazy and really look terribly mangy right now, but it’s fun watching for their adult colors to appear.

Methinks I’m going to have another roan on my hands

Chance checking to see if the apples are ripe yet:

“Can’t we please be friends?”

Here are some photos from our latest trailer training session – foals will load for apples 🙂

“There’s food in here!”

Natty was looking in at the foals while they were looking out at her

I’ve seen people struggle and fight to get horses loaded, and I am so glad I have the opportunity to start early and let the foals use their natural curiosity to learn that trailers aren’t scary. Here are videos of the learning process:



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