Picture backlog

Here are pictures from the past two weeks. I’ve been meaning to upload them, but it’s busy around here!

The foals are starting to shed out and reveal their adult colors. Lightning’s muzzle looks surprisingly grey, so I’m really curious to see if he turns out looking like Maggie after all.

Little Bonny plays hard and crashes hard!

Bonny is younger, so she is just starting to shed out around the eyes and muzzle.

Niki sticks close to the mares and foals, and she acts as backup babysitter.

Here’s a close-up of Lightning’s shedding. This picture was taken last weekend, and I have a new one from yesterday for comparison.

“Really? More pictures?”

Check out his darker red mane

I’ve started riding Chance more regularly, and he’s doing really well. He listens really well and is so relaxed and comfortable. We are going on our first trail ride this evening when I recover from stacking 10 tons of hay this morning.  I was testing out a treeless barrel racing saddle, and it was pretty comfortable. Chance is already so big that he needs a very wide saddle even though he hasn’t filled out yet, and treeless sounds like a good option to me since I have assorted shapes and sizes of horses to consider.

The foals have been doing tons of mutual grooming lately since they’re so itchy, and it’s just about the cutest thing in the world!

Happy herd enjoying some shade on a hot day

Auntie Niki babysits the foals while the neighbor’s guard donkey watches from the other side of the fence

These are from yesterday. You can see the foals are shedding out fast.

Miss Bonny with her feathered friends. I don’t have as many pictures of Bonny because she won’t stand still far enough away for me to snap pictures. She recognizes a scratching opportunity when she sees me.

The foals resting after a long day


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