Mares and foals and friends

These are pictures taken by other people over the last week and a half, followed by some videos I shot yesterday. I’m slow to post because we’ve had a busy week! Both foals moved up a halter size, both had their first brushings, Lightning had all 4 feet cleaned for the first time, and Bonny is friendly enough now to come running over for scratches! Maggie and Annie both let me work a little bit on trimming their hooves. I rode Chance yesterday and managed to mount from the ground, yay me! This is no small feat with that mountain of a horse!

Lightning is still struggling with his umbilicus. He finished his antibiotics Monday afternoon, and by Tuesday his umbilicus was oozing again. By Friday it had turned to puss. The poor little fellow is a trooper, always bright and curious even though he’s really fighting that infection. Thank goodness he loves the sight of the dosing syringe!

This first group of pictures was taken Thursday the 19th. Look at poor Annie’s belly 2 days after she foaled.

Bonny was still shy at 2 days old

Maggie and Lightning at 2 weeks

Bringing the herd inside – bring the lead mare, and the rest will follow (or run ahead, whichever)

These were taken last weekend. A friend brought her young niece to see the foals. This was Lightning’s first experience with a little person, and he was fascinated. Poor little girl was being swarmed by animals wanting attention 🙂

Lightning is still at the age to taste-test everything and everyone

Lightning is most definitely people-oriented

Bonny really wanted to be friendly, she just wasn’t quite brave enough yet

Apparently I need to teach Lightning the lesson about letting sleeping goats lie…

Here are the videos from yesterday:  or never mind, they aren’t showing up for some reason. Try going here:


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