New pictures of the babies

The neighbor’s spotted donkey was fascinated by the foals and hung out on the other side of the fence all day. He is supposed to run with their cows and pigs, but he totally abandoned them in favor of the foals. The neighbors finally came looking for him yesterday afternoon.

Here are some detail shots of Lightning’s fancy wavy hair

Eyelashes to die for!

Waves all the way up his ears

Hard to get decent pictures of a pocket pony who tags at my heels everywhere I go

Little missy isn’t quite as people-focused as Lightning yet, but she’s taming down

Love this girl’s tail and whiskers. She is going to be extra-hairy like her mama, I think.

“Can’t I puh-leeze come join your herd??”

The foals aren’t playing together yet, but the mares are working together to protect them when scary things happen (ex. neighbors on 4-wheeler looking for their donkey)

Filly plays hard and then crashes for a good nap. That white spot on her tummy looks like a cat paw print 🙂

The whole herd grazing peacefully (picture taken from the back deck of the house – gotta live this place!)

I don’t see Western Pleasure in this guy’s future, not with that proud stance

Little goat takes advantage of nap time to get a better look at a foal without getting chewed on


One Response to “New pictures of the babies”

  1. dazey Says:

    Some more great pictures of your increasing herd! Is it possible that Lightening has some Bashcir Curly breed genes in him? Their hair looks a lot like his

    Also I found your You Tube videos to enjoy. I have some under “granny with a trail horse” (put that in the search box) My oldest video is “judged obstacle trail ride”

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