Maggie’s Baby Boy Arrived Today

Maggie’s last foal arrived today around 7am. I have loads of pictures and videos which I promise to upload sooner or later, but here are a few shots for now:

Maggie’s last ever day as a preggo:

Here’s baby!

Mama greets baby

Mama’s up. She gets right to the business of licking the baby clean.

I can just see him chanting “I think I can, I think I can!”

“Man oh man this is hard work. I need a nap!”

“Ok, ok, I’ll try just one more time.”

Success! And a very proud mama.

Day 2: Auntie Janice came for a meet ‘n’ greet. She always takes all the pictures, so she isn’t in any.

Maggie looooves scratches!

Baby is shy

I know Mom drinks out of this thing, but this milk tastes funny!

Where does the milk come out, anyway?

Baby boy has quite the appetite. He was gumming and smacking before he made it all the way out of the sac!

I love this little white mustache. I sure hope he keeps it!

I tried to take Maggie and baby out on the grass for some pretty pictures,  but Maggie did NOT want to be out in the open and that far from home/Annie, so they didn’t stay out long – when a drafter wants to go in, she goes in!

My incredibly bad dog, who is normally terrified of horses and has certainly never chased one before, decided to chase Maggie and baby today. I could have killed him, if only I could have caught him!

I finally caught the dog, baby had a long nap, and nobody seems the worse for the adventure. But grrr dog!


One Response to “Maggie’s Baby Boy Arrived Today”

  1. dazey Says:

    Jaime, I’m your friend in Va who called on the phone (about the bucket being smushed) and later to congratulate you. Your pictures of Maggie’s colt being born are super fantastic and really spectacular. Thanks for posting them and answering my question that I had about when the colt was born. I had checked in on the stall cam at about six am your time in Oregon and saw Maggie walk out her door.

    Years ago I had my dream horse whose name was Maggie. She was due to foal and walked out her door at six am one morning in April. She foaled right there in her pasture just like your Maggie did!

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