The sun came out!

The sun came out this weekend, and I was so excited, I rushed to turn everybody out on the spring grass for a little while. I completely forgot the broodmares aren’t supposed to be out on the fescue – hopefully the little while they were out won’t hurt them.  Baby Annie is still plenty active, and I have yet to feel Baby Maggie move. Here are pictures of the herd:

This is a very relaxed horse!

My beautiful girl:

Chance still looks like a youngster here. He has dropped weight according to the weight tape, and I’m terrified he’s about to go into another growth spurt. He’s so big already!

And here’s a happy picture – the whole herd on the fresh spring grass!

The three stooges behaving for once:

Big Mama to be:

My baby boy:

Miss Nickers:

In case anybody was wondering why I don’t normally let them out on the grass during the winter, here’s an example of what those big feet do to the grass:

Here’s Maggie, looking ever so much better than she did when she got here:

I was cutting down blackberry canes with the help of the little goats, and this was the view when I looked up:

Manual labor can be fun when you have the right kind of company:

And here’s another sign of spring:

And one more: I found a hidden turkey nest with 7 eggs today! I still can’t find the chickens’ nest, grrr.



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