Busy busy!

Well, the progress continues at a great rate since my last posting. Chance has taken me for four rides now, two at home and two away from home. He’s just awesome! He’s such a good boy – really well-behaved and tries hard to please. I love this horse! I don’t think he’ll be steering well enough to do the arena portion of the clinic under saddle, but I do think he’ll be able to do the trail part just fine. He’s doing great with other horses, too – he embodies the spirit of the gentle giant. Here are some new pictures of everybody (can’t wait for all that mud to dry up, ugh).

Chance’s second ride:

The video:

Third ride:

Here’s Chance trying on the new/used Western saddle we picked up at the tack sale:

My trailer-cleaning helpers:

Here’s Niki checking out the horse trailer (sporting her seasonal white eyebrows)

Natty knows she can let the herd out if she can just figure out how this chain opens…

Maggie’s getting a baby belly:

Annie says “Must you take my picture when I’m fat and muddy???”

For those of you who might be thinking she’s just super fat because I feed too much, here is a good picture of the baby weight:


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