Yay, it’s letting me post pics today!

Something looks odd about those cats…

Chance and Caroline check each other out.

Maggie is the itchiest horse I’ve ever now. She loves to scratch on anything that will stand still.

This would be a good picture if Chance weren’t so muddy.

He’s so curious about the doelings, but I don’t trust him very much with them yet.

The whole herd: Chance is so much more refined than Natty is!

Boy the barn looks small when the horses are inside!

Here’s another picture of Maggie scratching. She really enjoys it!

Here are some older pictures I’ve been saving up since the blog wouldn’t upload for me. This first one is little Caroline up on tippy hooves eating my avocado tree (note the halves of leaves on the right). I know goats are famous for this, but I didn’t expect it to start so early!

Here’s Maggie with the little goaties. She is so good and gentle with them!

These are from New Years Eve – brrr!

Wide load

Mt Hood all snow-covered. I  love my view!

This is an eye test – can you find Niki?

Oh THERE she is, right behind Chance and almost completely hidden. When did he get so big?

Poor thing looks ready to pop.


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