Well, it’s been a wild weather week to say the least. Tuesday I got about 3 inches of rain, then that turned to snow, so I had a few inches of snow Wednesday morning, and it snowed like crazy all day (although it didn’t stick). By Thursday, the temp had dropped enough to freeze the rain and snow into a nice layer of ice, and overnight the temp dropped even more, so now everything’s REALLY frozen! It was about 20 degrees this morning, but the sun came out and made everything sparkly beautiful. Here’s the fluffy herd enjoying the sun.

Why isn’t Maggie blanketed in the sub-freezing temps, you wonder? Sweet old girl has put on enough weight that I can no longer fasten the straps on my largest blanket! She’s feeling good, too – last night she was the first one in from the pasture and led the herd to the barn at a good trot.

Annie seems to have come through her scary fall unscathed – I felt baby moving around again tonight, happily.

Stupid blog won’t let me upload pictures… Grrrr….



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