Latest Pictures

We had sun this morning, woohoo! Must take advantage of that this time of year, even if it means taking pictures of muddy horses. Here they are:

These pictures are from earlier in the week the first time the whole herd was turned out together. First thing they did was go check out the other horses’ side!

Then they headed for the grass…

I know she’s being bad, but I still can’t help but think OMG she’s gorgeous!

Parade down the driveway:

And finally here are the pictures from today. This first one is Maggie, Annie, and Chance grazing peacefully. Chance really wants to be friends, but Annie mostly runs him off with bared teeth when he gets too close.

Here are some closer shots of the little old ladies. I’m thrilled to report I was able to find senior feed without molasses yesterday, so I’ll start adding that to their diet and hopefully help Maggie pick up some weight before it gets any colder.

Here’s Niki with Bumper and Bandit. They aren’t too sure what to think of the horses yet, but they like them better than dogs.

And here’s my sweet angel baby. I went with a friend to look at some horses today, and I am so glad I did because it really illustrated that my boy is soooo much better than the horses on the market right now! They didn’t hold a candle to Chance.

And finally, here’s my girl, thankfully out of the goat shed for a few minutes.


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