New Arrivals

This fall, The International Blessed Broodmare Project learned that a former PMU ranch, one of the largest in the country in its day, was shutting its doors permanently. The rancher was down to only a handful of mares and foals, including two of his personal favorites, Butch and Sharkey. TIBBP members jumped into action, started fundraising, and sent out a call for a foster home with space and grass for two more mares. I agreed to take in these girls, and in a few short weeks they were on the road home. They arrived late Wednesday evening just before dark after 3 days on the road from North Dakota. They were a little dehydrated from the trip and underweight from nursing their last foals. Both girls have settled in beautifully. They are especially sweet, friendly mares, and really very tame. They met the other horses over the fence, and little Sharkey, smallest by far of the horses, really showed Chance who’s boss! I’m glad of this because he needs to learn his place in the herd. Here are pictures of the new arrivals:

Here comes Butch (new name in the works), tagging along like a puppy dog after less than 24 hours in her new home. She has since won the hearts of several friends, my hay guy, and the farm sitters who will be looking after the herd this week.

And here’s pretty little Sharkey, just as sweet as her friend…

Until a young whippersnapper gets too forward…

Here are a few videos of the first meeting over the fence:


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