Visitor Today!

Our old friend Anika came out today to see the horses, help with Chance’s first ground-driving lesson, and of course take pictures. Chance did fine for his first lesson – he doesn’t exactly understand what we want, but there was no fussing or fighting, so I’m happy. He’s such a sweet boy. I demonstrated Natty’s bridleless riding skills, too – Anika got a short video of that. I wish the horses weren’t so wooly and muddy this time of year – tomorrow’s the 2-year anniversary of my getting Natty, and I’d like pictures where she actually looks like her beautiful self, but oh well, some of these are really cute at least!

Pretty fellow with his mane neatly braided:

Pipsqueak with his friend:

Big old goofball making faces:

And then he straightens up, and he’s so beautiful!

Mama and baby – what a pair!

It’s a total zoo around here! And I’m not even saying that because Chance pulled my old zoo coat through the fence and chewed the collar off today!

Look ma, no hands!

My sweet girl 🙂


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