More pics of the wooly mudbugs

Where oh where are my sleek, clean, beautiful horses?!? These wooly mudbugs are starting to wear on me, so I started shooting pictures into the sun to hide the fur and dirt detail 🙂 Enjoy.

Here’s Pipsqueak, ever helpful – he stuck his head in my bucket of shampoo and got suds up his nose. He curled up his lip and blew bubbles until I wiped his face with a nice clean towel. He is such a good boy – he let me scrub his little bottom while he was just loose in the paddock.

“I heard the tea kettle whistle, but I DO NOT think this is a bran mash!”

My beautiful pocket pony:

The two of them:

This is my favorite of all 90 pictures I took today…

Halo effect

Check out this neck! Where did this come from?

Oh, maybe this is where it came from:

Thank goodness it’s shearing season! Err, I mean shedding season.

I thought I was making progress with this huge mat and then looked up and realized I wasn’t even halfway up that looong tail! When a 17-hand horse has a tail that touches the ground, combing it is a big chore. I now understand why people usually dock drafts’ tails.

Lead rope not so scary anymore:


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