Growing by leaps and bounds

I walked up behind Natty and Chance this week while they were side by side licking their new salt block, and Chance is a good 3 inches taller than Natty now, wowza! I’m not sure when my sweet little baby grew up. He’s starting to fill out, too. Here are some new pictures trying to show the size comparison between the two.

Cute little pink tongue:

Winter coloring raccoon mask. Chance’s winter coat is really thick plush and soft like a bunny – love it! Impossible to clean, though.

My beautiful girl:

Chance has the most amazing mane – so thick, long, and soft.

I have been working on trimming Natty’s feet myself, and she is being very tolerant. I’m hoping not to have to sedate her for trims anymore, and I’m not sure I’ve kept up well enough for that yet, but I’m on my way. I’ve been a bit distracted because Chance has been struggling with diarrhea since early this month. I’ve been struggling to get him to eat yogurt or probiotics, and he hates them! I don’t even have to halter him to give him a tube of dewormer, but put yogurt in a syringe and all bets are off! I managed to get a whole quart into him in 2 days, but I literally had to stick it in his mouth a little at a time on 2 fingers and the scrape it off on the roof of his mouth. I’m lucky I still have all my fingers! Both Billy dog and I both have yogurt in our hair… Both Billy and Natty were kind enough to lick Chance’s face clean for him afterward (pretty darn cute, I can tell you, but I didn’t have the camera). I am trying a new probiotic in his grain in hopes that he will eat it and it’ll help. I’m also trying a larvacidal dewormer and some diet changes, so cross your fingers this will help the poor little fellow out. He feels fine, he’s just filthy all the time. I had to wash his tail in a bucket the other day, and he was not a fan. He actually reared up at his stall window (gee, wonder where he learned this little trick). He was still a little soapy, but cleaner than he started. Poor sweet fellow!


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