Introducing Niki

This is Niki. She is a grade Belgian mare from a former PMU ranch – the same ranch Natty is from. She was placed by The Animali Farm in December of 2007, and her original listing said she was born in 2001, had not been used in the pee barns, and was halterbroke but had no other training. Niki was not thriving in her new home, and her adopters were not able to make any progress with her training, so they decided it was time for her to go to a new home. I’ve been working with her since early October to try to be able to halter her in anticipation of moving her. We were making progress, but I still had not managed to get a halter on her. I was able to find a temporary home for her with a friend of mine, and we picked her up and moved her last weekend. She is settling in very well. She seems to really enjoy having a stall and spends a lot of her time hanging out inside, although she is free to come and go from a nice pasture with grass. Niki is still very hesitant with people, but she now lets the ladies of the household touch her. Yesterday, I finally was able to get a halter on her. I just left it on briefly and took it right back off, but it’s a big stride forward with her. Also yesterday I was able to do a little bit of grooming, which she desperately needs. She’s still a work in progress, but she’s a little less muddy than she was before. She’s coming around a little at a time. Here are a few more pictures:

Belgian with just a hint of Saddlebred?

And here’s a short video from her second day in her new home:

WordPress is being video-dumb again, so here’s the website where you can view the video:


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