Anybody need a horse?

The rescue I got Natty from has a bunch of horses listed right now that will go to auction next weekend. Some of these horses, the Quarter Horses, have been listed for the last couple of years. The rancher who owned them never threatened to send them to auction and patiently cared for them while looking for good homes, so there were always horses who needed help more urgently, so they got homes first. Now there was a bad year for hay, and the guy with the QHs can’t feed them through the winter and has no choice but to send them to auction. It tears at the heart strings to know that the people who threatened their horses early on while charging a small fortune for them made out like bandits, but someone who keeps lowering his prices and taking care of his mares will have to let them all go to auction. If anyone needs a horse or can even donate a little to help out, please visit

I can certainly vouch for the joy one can find by taking in one of these beautiful mares! I wish I could take even one of this guy’s horses because I can tell how much he cares about them and wanted them to find good homes.


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