Bath Day

Natty and Chance had their first hose baths today. They did very well. I have tried to hose their legs before and never had much luck, so I tried something new today. I took a bucket of lukewarm water and sponged them off, then I turned the hose on very low pressure and held it in the palm of my hand. I rubbed the horses with my hand with the hose in it, so they just felt the rubbing but were still getting wet. It worked pretty well. Natty sure is a filthy dirty girl after 9 years without a bath! Of course, she rolled in the dirt immediately after, but oh well. At least I think they were a little cooler for the afternoon.

Here are some new pictures:









New video of the big girl rolling after her bath – for some reason, this isn’t showing up. Try the following link at youtube:


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