Chance’s color is still changing

Chance is getting to be a mighty big boy. He is taller than Natty now at less than 14 months old (and she’s about 15.3) and outgrew his “average horse” size halter. I need to get him a new one, but in the meantime they are using Natty’s for both horses. Yikes, when did he get so big? His left front “quarter panel” for lack of a better term continues to look more and more buckskin. His neck is lightening now, too, under his mane. So fun to watch! He’s the sweetest baby horse and comes trotting to greet me every time he sees me. What a love, and so rewarding.  Natty is looking quite plump again, just the way I like her, and she is shedding out more. I think she did this last year, too, and I expect her to be very white soon. She’s such a good girl. She usually just walks to greet me, but she calls to me while she’s on her way (has to follow the fence line and can’t see me the whole way).

Here are my latest pictures:






Here is a close-up of his neck under his mane – it used to be black!




In the one above, he is saying “why do you keep trying to walk away from me? I prefer to be no more than 2 inches away from you at all times!”

And here’s my daily greeting – not very exciting, but still pretty heartwarming to me 🙂


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