Chance’s Coat of Many Colors

I took a bunch more detail shots of Chance’s coat today. He has so many odd little patches!

This one is a little blurry because I took it from such a distance, but you can really see his pale shoulder and also the line between his dark back and red belly/sides.


And here’s his other shoulder – more of a dark patch up top and not much of a pale area at all.


And here’s his poor tail, looking like a bad bleach job.


And in this one he’s saying, “Oooh, scratch my butt some more! Some more!”


And now I know I need to start brushing his teeth: (still hasn’t lost any baby teeth yet)


And my big girl finally wanted in on the action: (she won’t be the big one for long – I think Chance is as tall as she is now)




And finally, here’s how I know I need to keep plugging away to get my own place where Natty and Chance can live in the back yard. The place where they live now is gated, so I have to stop and wait for the gate to open right outside their pasture fence. The first pictures Are the horses standing next to my car when I arrived and then, having followed me up the driveway, Chance is coming to meet me at the pasture gate (Natty is faster and was already at the gate). The last pictures are poor Natty following me back down the driveway as I was leaving. Heartbreaking! They’ve got a wonderful place to live now with very nice people and plenty of other animals for companionship, but they still want to spend more time with me. Soon, I hope.



These girls are across the driveway, and they were too cute not to photograph today.






“Why are you leaving us again?”


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