Braids and Pasture

I spent the first part of the afternoon grooming horses and braiding tails. I braided Chance’s tail first, and Natty was a big help. She stayed right at my elbow, mouthing on my arm, and finally putting her head across my arms so that I could no longer see Chance’s tail without squatting down. Do you think she wanted some attention? Is this the same horse who wouldn’t even let me touch her? I braided her tail next, the first time in her life her tail has been braided. She wasn’t too worried since she knew exactly what I was up to after watching me do Chance’s tail. Plus, she really seems to like to have her tail messed with more than any other grooming. She didn’t move away or kick me or anything. Chance helped, but her braid still came out decent. After braiding, I took Natty for a short ride, and then those lucky dogs got to go out in the big pasture. The new taller fence was just finished, and the grass is nice right now. Natty went right through the gate and out into the pasture, just eating and walking. When Chance first went out, he did this wonderful high-stepping trot through the tall grass. I wish I had my camera out, because it was lovely. The Morgan was showing big time. The two of them did a minimal amount of running before settling down to the serious work of grazing. I was pleased to see that Chance is pretty independent these days and wandered around a lot even without Natty. Here are today’s pictures, and there is one short video coming.

And some still shots captured from the video:


bolt 1


bolt 2


bolt 3


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