Hoof Trims

Well we had hoof trims this morning. Chance was wonderful as usual, and Natty – well, not so much. The vet somehow lost our appointment, so the poor brave farrier wanted to try to start without sedation again. Natty walked away from me briskly when I went into the paddock to get her, and she was snorting by the time I got her through the gate. She wouldn’t even let the farrier touch her, let alone trim her feet. Even with the drugs on board, the fronts were a struggle. However, after he was done and the drugs were starting to wear off, she was much better. He lifted two feet and had her just hold them on the hoof stand while he petted her, and she did fairly well with that. The farrier is going to stick around and work on all her feet as she wakes up next trim. Also, since the vet was so late, we didn’t get to the neck/squeal thing today, so that’s on tap for next appointment as well. So next time, the vet will come early and look at Natty’s neck and then the farrier will stay late and work on her feet. Judging by her behavior today, it’ll take her a week to forgive me! I’ve had this horse a whole year this coming Sunday, and I never noticed something until the farrier pointed it out today – she has a heart on her chest!






“Dontcha come near me! I saw what just happened to my kid!”


“Come to me instead! I love attention!”


Pearly whites – kinda


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