Laser Sheen is a Girl’s Best Friend

My local feed store had a sale on Laser Sheen this month, so I bought some. I’m happy to say it’s magic, and I finally managed to comb out Natty’s entire tail today – for probably the first time in her life, there’s not a tangle to be seen! She was a very good girl and stood still for the process, and actually she didn’t seem to mind at all. She is not quite as good with her mane, so I threw some alfalfa in front of her and combed as fast as I could, but now the whole horse is combed out. Chance is my perfect angel of course and loves to be (insert any word you can think of here) so his mane and tail are always tangle free, but today I braided them too. The mane didn’t stay in as well as I had hoped (meaning not as long as it took me to run 6 feet for the camera) but the tail braid stayed in pretty well.

After all the grooming, I put out lots of obstacles in the arena (cones, poles, barrels), and I decided I would bring Chance over to play while I rode. I turned them both loose in the arena while I went for my helmet, and Natty leaped straight up in the air and took off! I haven’t turned both horses out together in awhile, and I guess they got each other all fired up. I almost wasn’t brave enough to ride her after that, but she settled right down and we had a great ride. Chance entertained himself part of the time and tagged along with us the rest of the time. He even trotted for me a few times when I asked him to, so I gave him rewards. I’m hoping Nats will figure out why he’s getting a reward just like she did when I was on foot, but so far no luck. Anyway, I’m glad I brought him with us, because now I know Natty will still pay attention and behave, and Chance is sorta learning about ponying. Making progress, slowly but surely.

Here are today’s pictures. There is a video uploading, too, but it’s a long one today so might take forever.





Ooh, right there, that’s the spot! More! More!


Not one tangle!




Getting closer and closer to the same size:








Finally, here’s the video:


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