Riding Videos

I shot some videos while I was riding Natty today. We’re just working on go, keep going, and stop at this point. I’m just riding bareback with only her halter and lead rope right now, but mostly I don’t even hold the lead rope. She is learning leg, seat, and voice commands first, and I’ll add the bit/hand signals in later. She’s doing fairly well, although since I’m shooting the videos, you really can’t see anything but ears… but you can probably tell she has a nice smooth gait! The real reason for shooting the videos while riding is that you can hear her talking to me – she does some little nickers and whinnies in response when I whistle (her signal that she did something right and is about to get a treat). Unfortunately, she also squeals when I dismount – I’m trying to figure out whether it’s a pain thing or something else. She did it today when I hugged her neck while riding, too, so maybe it’s just a “hey, whatcha think you’re doing up there???” kind of noise. Anyway, here are the videos: (close up of ears means I’m hugging her neck)

There are 2 more videos still uploading. I’ll add them to the blog tomorrow.

And here are a few pictures of the big ‘uns today:




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