Today’s Pictures

The theme for the day is wooly mudballs! Spring is coming, spring is coming – I just keep telling myself that 🙂


Chance brings all new meaning to the phrase “Baby Got Back.” That’s a 4-foot gate behind him, and yes, he’s only 9 months old. Yikes.

Natty doesn’t really have any milk left, but she lets this moose go through the motions anyway.


My girl is never far from me:



After an hour of grooming (above) and won’t stand for an hour of grooming (below)

I learned something fun about Chance this weekend. He has had mud dried on all over his face, and of course a nice soft face brush doesn’t help at all – so I finally took a rubber curry comb to the poor guy yesterday. Turns out he absolutely loves it! I did all around his ears and the ears themselves and his eyebrows, and he stretched his neck out nice and low and leaned into me! He was in horse heaven! And some horses are shy about having their ears touched – they don’t know what they are missing!



A beautiful girl on a beautiful day 🙂

I took Chance for a pasture walk:




Chance likes to stop and chat with the girls more than he likes to walk. I think he must be in his teenager horsie stage.


Here’s Chance with a full-grown, regular-size horse. And no, the ground isn’t lower on her side of the fence.


Here’s Chance with a different full-grown, regular-size horse – and the ground still isn’t lower on the other side of the fence. When did he get so big?

I don’t have a lot of pictures of Natty right now because she’s filthy and looks terrible and hates to be groomed, but we did have a great ride today. We finally moved past her refusal to budge in the arena, and now she’s going really well. We just practice walk (and don’t stop til I tell ya!) and stop and a little steering, but she’s picking it up well now. She will even do regular walk and faster walk now. She’s such a good girl. Today I just rode her bareback with her halter and a leadrope, and she was very good. I can’t wait until she understands enough to go for a trail ride safely.


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