I didn’t update the blog last weekend because I was busy taking care of Chance during his colic episode. He is better now. Here are a few pictures of the lazy babies taken during the time I was out there with them.






Natty is still a very good mama, even though she is weaning Chance. The first day he was sick, she was pawing him and trying to make him get up. I knew something was wrong then because she never paws him anymore. On the third day, the vets came before I got there (I had tried to go to work that day but didn’t stay long), and Natty let them come into the paddock and take Chance out – such a good girl!


This is my exhausted helper. He slept in the barn with me and helped me walk Chance all night. At one point, Chance went down, and I couldn’t get him up – then came Billy to the rescue. He jumped on Chance and that made him bound right up! Billy really did a great job with the horses, and I think it was good for him to be there for such a long time that he calmed down. Natty did nip him once, but not bad, and now he knows to give her a little more space. Unfortunately, he’s scared of the front end of the horse, not the back end – meaning he won’t walk in front of her and always goes around the back if I happen to call him from the wrong side of the horse. Luckily she hasn’t ever tried to kick him. She seems to be pretty tolerant really. Not that I trust her for a minute!


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