Finally! New Pictures


My little Pipsqueak at 8 months old – size XXL! He just outgrew his last halter, size Small Horse – the size that comes after yearling. I wonder if he’ll need draft size when he’s finally full-grown. He is the size of an average horse now and still looks butt-high to me.


Working in the arena – a little sweaty already! He’s such a good, smart boy.

Our post-lesson walk to see the world:

The greeting committee at the gate:


“I don’t think you are horses, but you seem cool – I think we can be friends!”


The wooly bear is starting to shed out, and his hairs are at least 2 inches long. I’m thinking about shearing him and throwing his coat in with the other animals’ wool for spinning. How neat would it be to have a scarf made of baby Chance hair? Here he is a little slicked-down because we worked up a good sweat in our lesson. Isn’t he a handsome fellow?


“Oh Geez, woman, what NOW???”


I have a tough time getting good pics of Natty because she sticks even closer to me than Chance does, but here ya go:


Natty also had an excellent lesson today! I worked on voice commands for walk, trot, canter first until we had both worked up a sweat, and then I hopped on her and practiced “walk” in the arena. She did a great job, especially considering she never would move a step in there before. She’s so cute – when she realizes she has done something right, she gives the sweetest little whinny of joy. I need to try to get it on video because it’s really special. Oh, and I have to give her some credit – you know she’s kinda huge, and since it’s winter I’m wearing thermals under my jeans, so I’m slightly less mobile than normal – so I tried to get on her bareback and got about half-way and kinda got stuckish – wasn’t sure what in the world I was gonna do – drag myself up and over by my elbow over her neck or fall off backward… but she froze like the good girl she is and let me drag myself up. Such a great horse!

Check out our shadows in this picture and you’ll see why I often don’t have pictures at all – I’m trying to take Natty’s pic, but she is really too close (that’s her eye in the lower right corner), and Chance has his head resting on my shoulder to remind me he needs attention too…


To get this next one, I turned and ran fast as I could across the paddock then turned and wildly snapped the picture without even stopping to focus…


Here’s Chance with his basketball. Natty plays with it sometimes too. Look how long his mane and tail are getting!


Beautiful girl (bad lighting this far north this time of year):



Another one with fun shadows:


The theme of my relationship with the horses can pretty much be summed up: how much will you put up with from me today??? Today I attempted to photograph Chance’s cute little baby teeth. Here are some of the results:


Finally I think he stuck his tongue out at me!!!!!!


Can you say tolerant horses??? I sure can!


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