Big Snow and Ice Storm

I can’t get anywhere near the horses because of the weather, so you’re getting a storm update instead. I had almost a foot of snow, and then came a nice thick layer of ice over all that. I’m housebound because chains are required on all vehicles, but I did get out on foot and take some pictures. Here you go:

This one was from yesterday morning when it was just getting started.



My poor Christmas tree this morning, buried under snow and ice. Believe it or not, that thing is potted – you just can’t see the pot.



Look how the snow piled up on the fence – this is fascinating!


Side yard.


Look how far that tree is leaning due to the weight of the snow and ice. Everything is so heavy that trees are breaking and power lines are going down. My power company currently has 40,000 customers without power, but luckily I’m not among them (yet). One grocery store without power is taking the milk outside to keep it cool!


This is a piece of ice that was covering the snow on my driveway. I tried to shovel, but the ice is breaking into large pieces that are hard to scoop up, and when I do get it scooped up, if I don’t throw it all the way over the drifts I made when I shoveled yesterday, it just slides right down the hard surface of the drifts and back onto the driveway! I gave up without getting much done!


There are 3 of those large cedar planters under all the snow!

Here are some videos of my poor dog trying to get around in this mess!

And more ice keeps coming down:



Now the good birds are starting to come out: flickers and woodpeckers!



And this is a picture of the branch on my cherry tree, and the ice on it is thicker than the branch itself:


My poor pup usually drinks out of a little pond in my backyard, but today it’s covered in a bunch of snow and ice. He went out to get his drink and had to use his paw to break through the ice and then nosed a little tunnel through the snow. He did a lot of licking, but I’m guessing he just got snow because the ice on the top of the pond was pretty thick yesterday.





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