Very Lucky Horses!

I had a lovely ride on Natty today. We went around the pasture several times again, and today she trotted for me! This is a real accomplishment for the laziest mare alive. Somehow, when I ride her, Chance is the only one who gets a workout. Natty has a nice, quick trot, and posting doesn’t seem to bother her at all (as usual). She is getting to understand better what I want, so as long as we are out and about, she’ll keep moving for me. In the arena, she still won’t budge.

After our ride, I took the horses to check out their brand new stalls! These were just completed this afternoon, and they are so pretty that I really hate to put the horses in them. Cross your fingers they don’t mess them up! Anyway, this is the first night mama and baby will stay in separate stalls, so Chance won’t be able to nurse. They can still nuzzle each other, though, so hopefully they will stay on their own sides (should I start a pool on whether or not one of them jumps in with the other?). My vet thinks keeping them in separate stalls at night to prevent Chance from nursing will help a lot with Natty’s weight loss and also get Chance almost weaned before they are totally separated (which I can’t really do right now). When I left them, they both seemed pretty calm and were eating their hay (Natty was reaching over trying to get Chance’s). They had both made messes by taking big swigs of water and drooling them out all over the place, and Natty had sloshed her bucket on purpose and did a fair amount of pawing on the rubber mats, but other than that they seemed fine. Cross your fingers they handle this first night of separation well! Here are the pictures from today – Natty is very dark red these days and Chance is huge. I have more pictures of Chance in the stall because it was getting dark before they were done and I put Natty in, too.






Checking out the center divider wall – think he can make it over?



Beautiful boy looking at a dog in the Christmas tree field next door. The next picture is the view from Chance’s stall. They look across the arena at the Christmas tree field and then on to the forest. Pretty nice, huh?




I hung some toys between the stalls where they can play with them and swing them around. This next picture shows Natty reaching over the wall into Chance’s feeder – the big pig has a feeder-full herself!


And here are some outdoor shots:



These next few are the view – Natty and Chance live in a beautiful place. The butte in the background has trails and there are more trails the other direction.





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