Toys for the Teether

I got an assortment of things to give Chance today since he’s chewing everything under the sun. Of course, he would have been happiest with a simple  lead rope, but I didn’t think of that until after I got the other stuff. I picked up a few dog toys with ropes and chewy parts and some turnips to hang around the stall. I hope to add one of those black rubber feed pans soon but haven’t been to the feed store yet. Here are the pics:


I didn’t actually expect Natty to play with the toys, but maybe she’s making up for her own deprived foalhood.

Here’s Chance with the hanging turnips. I helped him check it out at first and then left him to figure out how to catch it.




And here’s dinner time – Natty eats right over Chance, so he ends up wearing most of his dinner. He’s starting to return the favor, though!




These are from a video I shot today. I just posted them to show how HUGE Chance is these days! Look how their butts look almost the same size!




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