Dapples and Flat Feet

First, the picture: Natty is getting dapples, too. I was trying to get pictures that would show the dapples, and she was trying to get as close to me as possible (typical Natty) but anyway, here they are.


Natty stepped full on my foot tonight. Thank god she doesn’t have shoes! The bottom of her hoof is fairly flat, so the weight was pretty well distributed across my whole foot. And luckily, she backs really well, so she got off my foot pretty easily. It is throbbing, but there isn’t any bruising yet, so I don’t think it’s too bad. I still have a big knot on that ankle from the time Natty bumped Chance while I was cleaning his hoof, knocked him off balance, and his hoof came down on my ankle. Now that one hurt! And there was bruising all the way down to the bottom of my foot. I don’t think will be nearly so memorable, but I’m glad Natty isn’t any bigger.

I shot some new video tonight. Natty and Chance are outside in the rain all day (yes, they have a brand new shelter and could stay dry if they wanted to) so they are wet and itchy by the end of the day. When I get there and take them into the arena, they both roll right away. Chance rolls several times before he’s satisfied. So the video is lots of rolling with a little bit of running and bucking in between. Chance doesn’t get up from his rolls very gracefully, and he seems to buck a little to cover up the stumbling. Funny fellow!


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