More pictures and videos

Look at the dark mask on his face! What color will he be next?

Look at that mane! Just imagine the things I’ll be able to do when I finally teach these horses to stand tied!

Little boy learned the importance of hoof care early.

This is the sorriest looking little cat I ever saw. He was a stray, and the barn owners took him in a week or so ago. I only caught glimpses of him until Friday, and then he got very vocal and friendly. He’s the skinniest thing I ever saw, is missing his tail, and is all out of proportion, but he’s a real love. I was pretty worried about him because he wouldn’t eat cat food, so I’ve been force-feeding him since Saturday by basically pilling him but with kibbles of cat food. He’s such a sweetie he sat in my lap the whole time. Today he finally ate food on his own when I got out the bag! And he ate lots of it, so I think he’s finally figured it out (which is good, because as far as we could tell, he was living on eggs stolen from the chickens, complete with shells, and mice he was getting out of the traps at night). I think this is the first cat Chance has seen up-close-and-personal, and he’s mildly curious, but not skittish or aggressive. The poor dumb cat went into the paddock today right before I left, and I just hope Natty doesn’t hurt him. He came right out again before she did anything, but still – can’t help but worry.

Following close on the heels of the alpha mare (me)

A few days ago there was a discussion about horses who get too pushy with treats, and I mentioned that one of the first things I taught Natty was to back until I told her she’d gone far enough. This is video of backing (sorry it’s not great video, but I’m doing the training and the filming). Natty’s video also shows her lifting a front foot – isn’t she good? 🙂


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