New toys!

Natty and Chance weren’t too interested in lunging today, so instead I got out some new stuff for them to look over: (sorry the pictures are all blurry today – not really sure what happened there)

Natty just kept knocking over the mailbox – this one isn’t a great toy (or is it???).

I put a Jolly Ball in their paddock tonight – we’ll see if they play with it. I hope they will – they are sooo mouthy lately. They both chewed the lunge line tonight, and Chance also chewed the leadrope and the whip.

We moved some panels around today so Natty and Chance will be able to go out on the nice green grass below the arena during the day now. I know they’ll really enjoy that. They have been really mouthy the last few days, and I think it has something to do with not grazing. The only sticking point with the new turnout is that the gate is right near the chickens, and Chance is pretty sure they are out to get him. He dashed through the gate and spun to face them like a true quarter horse! Every now and then while they were out there, he’d realize he was near the chickens and far from mama, and then he’d bolt back to her. Silly baby is a little skittish right now.

Nothing bothers Natty. They tell me a big old buck came through for some apples last night, and Natty just walked up to the fence to get a better luck. That horse has a good head on her shoulders! She also showed up for breakfast with shavings in her tail, so she must have started sleeping in the nice dry bed with Chance! I’m so glad she’s comfortable enough to go inside and lie down now. I had the mounting block out again today and was walking her up to it and draping myself over her back. She kept walking off (carrying me) and then I would slide off down her side. She didn’t mind a bit! She’s so relaxed about everything lately.


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