Moving Day

Natty and Chance moved today! They did very, very well with everything. They were picked up this afternoon, and they loaded like the angels they are. They went in a 3-horse slant trailer, and this was the first time the dividers have been used, but they did fine. I was following them in my car and heard Natty whinnying a few times, but they seemed to handle the ride just fine, and it wasn’t too far. Natty was in the front, so Chance needed to unload first, and he wasn’t too sure about getting out in a strange place without his mommy, but after a little rubbing and some pushing, he finally jumped down. Then I got Natty out, and she minded her manners very well – I didn’t have any trouble with her. They are in a turnout with an open stall that they can go in when they want, right next to the pasture where the other horses are. They could touch noses except there is a hotwire to keep everybody out of trouble (Natty hit it right off the bat, but she calmed down fast). There are also 2 goats on the other side of the fence, but neither Natty nor Chance checked them out yet. All in all, they calmed down really quickly after they arrived. They did a little trotting and cantering but then settled right down and ate some hay. Chance looked pretty tired, poor baby! This is his first move, so I’m sure it’s all a little confusing and scary. He was doing a lot of nursing today, probably for extra comfort. I hung out with them for awhile and tried to get them to look around a bit. They did both come into the stall with me for a minute, so at least they know it’s there. I think by tomorrow they’ll be ready to go for a little walk around the place. I did have the new stable owner try to halter Natty, but she didn’t put up with it – hopefully tomorrow! I really don’t want her to misbehave and get them both thrown out of their new home! I think she’ll be ok once she fully calms down and realizes who feeds her now. Here are today’s pictures – just a few, and not that great.

Before the big move, we had another exciting moment – I bridled Natty for the first time, complete with bit! She did just fine – she was loose in the pasture and let me put it on her twice. She mouthed quite a bit, but didn’t seem too upset overall. She’s such a good girl! I am going to get moving on her training now that Chance is getting older and more independent.

And one more thing from the past couple of days – Natty and Chance were in the field with the jumps for their last few days at the other stable, and Chance and I had great fun playing with the jumps. I set up a little cross-rails for him, with a couple of poles on the ground, and then I stepped over it. He came right along behind me – very carefully stepped between the pole on the ground and the jump with each front foot, then stepped over the jump with each front foot, then gave a great big jump and the back feet actually “jumped” over together. We did that one a few times. There were also two poles together on the ground between some big spool things, and he actually jumped those like a big boy. He got so excited, he ran around bucking and then came back for more. What fun foals can have!


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