Mostly pictures today

We did some more trailer training today, and Natty and Chance did very well as usual. Actually, the loading went well, but the unloading was a bit more difficult – there isn’t much room with all 3 of us in there, so they kinda got out before I did and went for a short jog to the end of the driveway. Oh well, they waited for me there! On the way back to the pasture, another loose horse went running by us on her way back to the barn, and I was pretty nervous to see her coming, not knowing how my two would react. They took it all in stride, though, and didn’t react at all. Such angels! When we got back to the pasture, I took some new pictures. These first few came from our new favorite game, where I run run run away from them, then turn and wildly point the camera before they get so close they don’t fit in the frame!

Chance is just barely finished shedding out his baby fuzz to reveal this gorgeous coat, and now it’s time to grow a winter one, so he’s losing hair by the handfuls again. I wonder what color he will be next?

Here’s one to show you how close they prefer to stand – no wonder I can’t get them in the frame without running away from them!

Big girl needs her teeth brushed!

Are you sure you have to go? Are you SURE you don’t have just one more apple?

I thought the dogs were digging this great big hole until I started to see little hoof prints in it. I think my poor babies are bored. I hope they’ll be much happier when they have companions again. I am also thinking I may need to get them some toys for their stall when they move!


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