Hoof Trims

Natty and Chance had their hoof trims this morning, and it went very, very well. We haven’t been in the barn in weeks, so they were pretty nervous going inside (plus 4 new horses in there for layups, so full of strangers)and I was a little worried that things wouldn’t go well. I should have more faith in N & C.  Chance behaved as well as any well-trained adult horse, and I was so proud of him! He stood still and hardly tried to pull his feet away – he only gave a little fuss with one back one, and even that wasn’t bad. I think the farrier must like him, because he stuck around and fed him 2 apples after the trim. Even Natty was very well-behaved. We had the poor new vet again for the sedation – the same one who came last time and had such a hard time with Natty’s sedation and Chance’s gelding. They sent her out without a vet tech today, and she looked a little hesitant when she first arrived – I think her confidence was rocked last time, and she said something about how I was brave to have her back. This time went much better – Natty didn’t rear or even flinch for her sedation; she was her normal calm self. She got a big dosage of the sedative, and then we gave it time to kick in while we did Chance’s trim. Natty looked a little more awake than we normal like to see her when I led her out of the stall for her turn, but we decided to give her a try without giving her more drugs first. She did incredibly well! She rested her chin on my shoulder for awhile, and then put her whole head against my chest for awhile, and she didn’t struggle. The farrier was able to get the first 3 feet done really quickly. She started to wake up a little when the stud colt who now lives in the corner stall came over to check her out, so we turned her out of his reach. She was definitely awake for the last bit on the 4th foot though. She pulled the foot away several times, but she didn’t slam it down, so the farrier was able to move it back into position relatively easily – he thinks this is a great sign that’s she is figuring out the process. She did slam her foot down once and then kept trying to walk forward while the farrier was trying to pick it up again. Let me tell ya, not much I can do to keep that girl from walking forward if she wants to. She finally gave up the foot, though, and we were able to finish the foot. So we were able to do all of her feet without having to re-sedate her for the first time! This was her third trim with me – the first time she got 2 rounds of sedation, the second time 3 – so I was thrilled to get the job done with only one dose of drugs. We’re on the right path now! The farrier was also pleasantly surprised, I think – he said he thinks it will just be a few more trims and we won’t need drugs anymore. I don’t know if I’m that optimistic, but I’m thrilled she did so well today. Her trust and cooperation have certainly increased by leaps and bounds since she got here. Overall, this was a really quick and easy day as far as hoof trims go!

By the way, I recommended Haystack wildberry horse treats recently, and the farrier tells me he keeps the peppermint ones on hand too and has never met a horse that didn’t like them – just FYI in case anybody is looking for a good treat.

And to make the day even better, I found out I passed the bar exam! Now I just have to be sworn in and I’ll be licensed to practice law (lord help us all).


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