Finally, an update!

Hi everyone! Sorry about the long time between posts – I went back to a full-time job this month, and it’s more difficult than I thought it would be to balance work/life/horses. Natty and Chance are doing well. My regular vet checked on Chance while she was at the barn a few days after the last post, and she said his gelding incision looked totally normal and he didn’t need to be on antibiotics. She reminded me how long a little cut on another horse took to heal and pointed out that Chance’s incision was much bigger than that. She also told me not to look at the incision again for 2 whole months so I won’t worry about it anymore. I have been looking every once in awhile, and it is healing, slowly but surely. It sure isn’t slowing him down any! These pictures and video were taken when he was 14 weeks old:

This seems to be Natty’s absolute favorite type of grass. When she first got here last spring, this area was under water, and she waded out there with a pair of ducks and grazed the whole area down. Now she hasn’t been out there all summer, and it all grew back nice and lush, so I’ve been enjoying taking Natty and Chance out there in the evening. I lean on Natty and relax while she grazes, and Chance runs circles around us both. I wish I had more time to spend with them – sometimes when it’s almost dark and I’m walking away from them, Natty whinnies to me. I hate that I have to leave her. I’ve only been able to spend about an hour and a half a day with them during the week. I really need to find a horse property so I can keep them at home and spend more time with them. Here’s the video of Chance running circles around Natty while she grazes:


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