Shedding Season

I’ll try to get some new pictures today because both Natty and Chance are shedding right now. Chance is getting large patches of big-boy hair, and it looks like he’ll be a dark bay. His new hair is silky-soft, and he is very itchy right now with all the shedding so he loves to be scratched and rubbed. Natty is shedding tons, too. She is losing mostly white hair, so I think we’ll see a darker roan for awhile. Her new coat is finally coming in shiny and soft, which is wonderful. Also, we seem to have worked through the grooming problems, so she lets me brush off all the old hair to reveal the pretty new hair underneath. It feels great to be able to brush her 🙂 Sometimes I hit a tickle spot and she shivers and shakes like a dog – too cute. I am unfortunately learning about bot eggs right now – never experienced these before. There are some on Chance that I’ve been trying to pick off, but I can’t see them on Natty (I assume they are there though). I am going to try not to worry too much about it since their wormer will kill any they ingest. Still, ick.

My sweet angel baby is learning bad habits from the other colt, and I’m peeved about it! Last night when I got to the barn, Chance and the other colt were standing together mouthing at each other. I walked up to Chance, and my little fellow actually turned around, pinned his little ears, and nipped at me! He has never never never done anything like this before, so I believe it’s only because the other colt was right there. I think Chance fell in with a bad crowd with that colt.

And now the close-ups of Chance’s big-boy hair:


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