Bar Exam cuts into horsey time

The first day of the bar exam took a whopping 12 hours, so I only have a short horsey update. I took Billy (dog), Natty and Chance for a late-evening trail walk last night. It started to rain on us, so we took a shortcut back to the pasture that dropped us off near the gate to the field with the cross-country jumps, so I took everybody in to look over the new stuff. Natty stepped over some poles and one low cross-rails with me. She’s fine with poles but was more hesitant about the jump – she stopped with one foot over and had to think about what to do next but did step over after thinking about it. She was all fired up after looking at all of it, and when I turned her loose again she took off with a great playful buck and kick and run. Chance was running around on his own while Natty and I looked at jumps, which is fine because the far gate in the jump field is open and goes into the pasture where they live. Of course, he was on the wrong side of the fence when I let Natty go and he took off running with her but on the wrong side of the fence. He ran very fast along the fence line looking for the way back to mama, but once he realized I was still with him he stopped and waited for me to open the front gate and let him back over into the main pasture. He’s pretty smart for such a little guy!


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