I did it!

I finally combed all the tangles out of Natty’s mane! The whole thing was dredlocks when I got her, and I’ve been wanting to get it combed out the whole time I’ve had her, but so far I was only able to fix about 2 dreds at a time before she got tired of it and started throwing her head around. Today I got through the whole thing, and doesn’t she look beautiful? Maybe next week I’ll tackle the tail! Here are pictures and videos of today’s trail walk.

Here’s Chance blazing his own trail while Natty and I bring up the rear:

This is a close-up of Natty’s side – she is shedding right now, and she has very interesting hair patterns – distinct patches of sleek shiny hair and duller patches and lots of waves. Maybe there’s some curly horse in her background somewhere?

Here are the videos, pretty short and pretty bouncy camera work – sorry!


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