Update and Pictures

Chance is recovering nicely. He doesn’t seem to be in pain and the incision continues to drain like it’s supposed to (ewww). He is as frisky as he ever was, and Natty, Chance, and I went for another nice long walk on the trails today. They are going to be good trail horses – they like to look around and are very calm about everything. There’s some very nice grass on the trails they enjoyed eating, and I’m wondering if I can get Natty carrying some kind of pack by the time the blackberries are ripe. Probably I’d have better luck getting Chance to wear a little pack – maybe a goat size would fit him? Probably not! Anyway, I think we’ll walk more and more now that I know they are good about it. Here are the new pictures – some from Friday and some from today.

Here’s poor little Chance, mid-operation, right before he woke up:

And here he is recovering (and somehow looking more out-of-it than during the operation):

And here’s Natty – looking fine even after 3 doses of sedative cocktail:

And here are Natty and Chance enjoying their run after our walk today – it’s a nice long run and the end is quite near the pasture where the other mares are, so they aren’t totally separated from the herd. Also, now that they can go out into the run, Natty doesn’t pee in the stall anymore, which is fantastic! They’ll go back out tonight or tomorrow.


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