The Best Colt Ever!

I’ve been telling everyone that Chance is The Best Colt Ever, and some people seem to think I’m just biased… so I decided to get video proof! I enlisted a helper, too. The man in the video is Ken, another boarder who owns 2 Canadian mares at the barn (and also has 2 geldings there although he doesn’t own them anymore). He actually found Chance in the pasture when he was born, and he did some foal sitting in the early days, so he’s very attached to the little guy. He came around to pet Chance all the time when he was still in the stall, but he hasn’t seen much of him since he’s been back out to pasture. This is the first time anyone other than me has groomed Chance at all. Things to note in the videos: the little guy just stands there, happy as a clam. He’s not tied up or anything, but he stands as well as any big horse (except for the very end of the first video when a strange noise outside scared Natty, and then he went over to her – but he came right back to us when she calmed down). After the video shoot, the vets came to change the bandage on Ken’s mare, and Chance came out again to meet the newcomer. My vet practice has a new vet since one of the old ones is out on maternity leave, so Chance had to meet her. She had all very nice things to say about him, so naturally I liked her quite a bit! She’s just learning the patients and cases, so she’s traveling with my vet right now, so I think she’ll be back to help with Chance’s gelding (which I will be scheduling tomorrow). He was his usual wonderful self for the vets and let them check everything from his bite to his belly button – again, no halter, he just stood there. I’m so proud of my little horse. The first two videos are brushing, the third one is lifting feet, and the last one is just haltering (short video).

P.S. One of my pictures of Natty and Chance got third place in MareStare’s Beautiful Baby Contest!


One Response to “The Best Colt Ever!”

  1. Kelly Savage Says:

    What a good boy!!! That’s incredible how he loves you guys and enjoys your company so much that he will just “hang out” with you! He REALLY loves those scratches doesn’t he?!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your achievement with the photo – do we get to share the picture too – do you have a link to the competition website? I can’t say I’m overly surprised, Chance was/is a severely cute baby!

    Looking forward to the next installment – can we have more photos of Natty too please :o)


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