Chance’s second hoof trim

Chance got his second hoof trim this morning. His corners are still rolling under a bit, but I think they just started to do it in the last 3 days. If I see this again before his next trim, I’ll rasp them myself. He was pretty good for the trim, although not excellent. It was easier when he was smaller. The farrier was doing other horses, too, some in each barn, and they thought they would just do Chance while they were in the little barn – Chance had other ideas. They couldn’t catch him. I was very surprised to hear this since he never gives me the least bit of trouble catching him anywhere, and he was in the stall this morning. He was fine for me when I got there – no hesitation whatsoever. I guess I’ll have to start getting other people to come in and work with him, too. If there is an emergency or I can’t be there, he needs to behave for other people. I think I’ll start having a few people he already knows come in and halter him and maybe handle his feet or something. What a little rascal. He’s so cute, though! They tell me Natty was good, too – they said she didn’t do anything while they were in the stall trying to catch Chance. This was good to hear – she gets easier to handle all the time. She only threatened to kick the farrier once after I got there, so really not bad at all! We’ll try it all again in another 3 1/2 weeks, so we’ll see how it goes that time – Chance should be about 80 pounds heavier by then, ack. I’m thinking about having Natty sedated so I can get her trimmed again too. What fun. She’s volunteering her feet now, which really isn’t safe, so I need to work with her on letting me do other things with all her feet on the ground. She thinks I only ever want her feet when I work with her now, so she was lifting them both while I was trying to weight-tape her yesterday because I had one hand on her shoulder while I was reaching under her belly for the tape. Those are big feet to be flying around all over the place! Gotta make sure she knows she needs to wait for me to ask for them before she lifts them. One more thing on my training to-do list.


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