My friendly girl is back!

I was petting on Natty today when Chance tried to weasel his way in between us, and Natty smacked him down! She turned around, bumped him with her butt, and stamped her foot like she was threatening to kick him. He moved out of the way and she came back to me for more rubbing. I’m glad to see my girl enjoy her attentio

I borrowed a horse for a quick ride again today and took a trail that runs along the pasture fence. When we got to the mares’ pasture, I started talking to Natty, and she whinnied and came right over and walked with us along the fence line. I’m not sure whether she was excited to see me or the mare she used to live with, but I figure the more she sees other horses being ridden, the more natural it will seem for her to be ridden when the time comes. She seemed very interested, if nothing else.


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