Hard to catch!?!

Well, Natty must have bonded with her new herd, because she sure doesn’t want to be separated from them. I tried to get her halter on her in the pasture today so I could work on getting her to lift her feet (she’s overdue for a trim and I still can’t lift the back ones at all and didn’t lift the front ones for the first 5 weeks of Chance’s life), but she wouldn’t let me catch her. And yes, I took a treat out with me – didn’t matter at all. And when I tried to give the treat to Bella, Natty must have thought I was going to catch her and take her inside instead. You better believe Natty wasn’t about to let that happen! She promptly herded up both other mares and all the foals and drove the herd straight to the far corner of the pasture. She told me plain that nobody but nobody was going inside tonight! I hadn’t planned on taking her inside at all, but after this I sure was going to make her go in but make the stay brief and pleasant. I had to get out the magic grain bucket, walk to the far end of the pasture outside the fence, lead her back up to the gate by shaking the bucket (yes, the whole herd came too) and then get her to run off the other mares before I could catch her. I did finally catch her and take her inside just long enough to eat her grain and lift her front feet, then I took her right back out again. I hope I don’t keep having this problem – I’d prefer to be able to work with her in the pasture because she’s so much more comfortable out there, but I need to be able to catch her easily no matter who else is out there with her. The good news is my little pipsqueak comes right to me and stands still for everything. We do a daily brushing/ bottom-washing/hoof-cleaning routine with lots of hugs and scratches, and he stands perfectly still for everything. That little guy is so rewarding! I hope he weathers his first night outside ok and gets some rest!


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